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"Can you tell that I am smiling since 1987 ?" .... Elloboy - 25 years sober on 20th June 2011

Members of Mary's Clan with Melanie (Founder's wife), Bosco, Anita, Meena

Men at work

Earlier we sat with bottles! and now with books?? ummm...Now is better ... learning to stay away from King Alcohol which is cunning, baffling, powerful !! ..... Session in progress

I now know that I am no match for Alcohol !! .... but don't challenge me at Carrom !

What to cook today??? everyday boys are saying prepare something good today .. today I have to do something better than yesterday !! ..... Francis M., our Chef

Mary’s Clan helps the suffering and destitute alcoholic – by providing food, shelter, spiritual, medical, and motivational therapy with a view to bring them back on to the road of sobriety

What is AA?

The Twelve Steps.

steps we take, which are suggested as a program of recovery:


The Twelve Traditions.

twelve traditions we follow in alcoholics anonymous.


The Twelve Promises Of AA

the twelve promise that has to be made


The Preamble of AA

preamble that every alcoholics have to take in alcoholics anonymous.


How it Works

how alcoholics anonymous  and the program works


Serenity Prayer

the prayer has been adopted by alcoholics anonymous


Song that say it all

Song, Music & Composition By Norman Fernandes – This Is A Song About The Founder, Late Cyril D’souza, Which Norman Composed Through Inspiration

Founder and Successor

The Successor, Bosco Pereira standing by the picture frame of the Founder, late Cyril D’Souza

Identity of an Alcoholic

An alcoholic is:
The annoyance of modesty;
The trouble of civility;
The spoil of wealth;
The distraction of reason;
The brewer’s agent;
The tavern and ale-house benefactor;
The beggar’s companion;
The constable’s trouble;
His wife’s woe;
His children’s sorrow;
His family’s burden;
His neighbour’s scoff;
His own shame.
– T. Adams


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